martes, 22 de junio de 2010

Tegan and Sara

Tegan and Sara are twin sisters, they were born in Canada and they make awesome music, those are the facts. They're well known on the northern region of this planet but they haven't quite made it on the south (safe to say Mtv and other music distributors haven't had the pleasure to hear of them yet... their loss).

So, how did their music made it all the way from Alberta, Canada to Lima, Perú?
It's all because of Liliana Neyra's constant stalking.
I've really got no clue on how she heard them but I know I'm incredibly thankful that she did. I just remember that everyday for over two weeks I had to read it on Twitter "you have to listen to @theteganandsara" and yeah, right, I will... I didn't.

But then, one day I went over to her house and she was watching some videos, which she made me watch and I liked, but that was it.
Actually, she had me at "they were featured once on Grey's Anatomy", since that's my favorite show, I fell head over heels over Tegan and Sara, I had to know who they were.

The first songs I heard were "Call it off", which features an incredible music video and sometimes feels too short because you want to keep singing, "The Con" and "Nineteen". They were the only things I could download fast on my Limewire (#FAIL).
I loved those songs but I didn't dig any deeper.

Then came some more days on Lili's car, featuring a Tegan and Sara mix cd she made (since you can't actually buy their cd's here, trust me, she would've). She knew the lyrics to every single song and knew exactly the story behind every one of them, which made it really compelling and made me want to know more (I still wanted to know which one was featured on Grey's).
So back to Limewire.

That was the turning point I'd say.
This year, they made a special cd featuring 17 different mixes of "Alligator", including one by Passion Pit (check it out
here). Since I love Passion Pit, I couldn't stop listening to it.

Then I found myself showering while singing my very own "Alligator/Feel it in my bones" mashup and dreaming of "Feel it in my bones". Yeah, it was more than obvious, Tegan and Sara had me.

So I've gotten to that point where I feel everyone should at least know a couple of their songs and love them as much as I do (and hopefuly someday as much as Lili does).

So here you go, here are some songs I strongly suggest you to hear:
-Call it off
-The Con
-Walking with a Ghost
-Feel it in my Bones (ft. Tïesto)
-Alligator (both the original and the Passion Pit mix)
-You Wouldn't Like Me (this is the one featured on Grey's, I finally found it)

After you've heard them and got bitten by the I-freaking-love-T&S-bug, then we can get to the real purpose of this post:

We have to get Tegan and Sara to come to Perú

Or at least get them to tweet something nice to Lili cause it's her birthday today (all tweets to @lilineyra).
And we should also get Music Stores to sell their cd's here. I really want them.
And lucky Lili got one for her birthday, she's on heaven right now.

This is me beginning a campaign to get Tegan and Sara to come to Peru, hopefully this year (I swear, if they do, I'll somehow manage to get 2000 people to go to that concert) or if not, any year, anytime soon would be awesome.
We don't need a big show, we just want to be able to sing along to "Nineteen" or dance to "Alligator" live, that's not too much to ask :)

Please do come :)

We love Tegan and Sara ♥

Pd. Lectores, lamento si les molesta que escriba en inglés pero esto fue hecho con el propósito de que ellas o alguien cercano a ellas lo lea y quizás consideren venir. Gracias por su comprensión
Ppd. Feliz cumpleaños Li :)

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JA JA dijo...

so, i like the idea i am in, if the go to peru im going too :)... well, i have to add downtown and dark come soon to your song suggest of T&S, H-Birthday to lili love her, and love you too ☺♥

JA JA dijo...

so, i like the idea i am in, if they go to peru, im going too :)... I've to add downtown and dark come soon to your song suggest of T&S, H-Birthday to lili love you both ☺♥

Anónimo dijo...

ummm, imagino que es un post cumplidor. Pero se nota demasiado y debo dejar claro que no me gusto nadita, es que... si le hubiera puesto la voz de algun personaje de mtv a esto(por ejm, si lo hubiese leido el chico q monta skate en mtv)hubiera creido q realmente el lo dijo. Pero bueno... suerte y ojala llegue a su destino el post.

Anónimo dijo...

Dark come soon, Someday, Downtown, Divided y ... muchas

Fräulein N. Phos Mousou dijo...

Después de este post definitivamente buscare música de ellos. (Ligera gran obsesión con Grey's Anatomy, I guess??)

Ni idea de quienes son (aún),pero supongo que sería mejor que ganen un poco de terreno en el sur antes de venir. No no, no sería mejor, sería necesario para hacer que vengan!(duh a mi) D:

Tu post probablemente hará que tengan un fan más :D eso está por verse.

Pd.Acabas de ganar un nuevo lector :)

Anónimo dijo...

Que es lo que te gusta de ellas?. Que hace que una cancion sea buena para ti?..o.O

M. dijo...

me gustan las letras de las canciones, mucho en verdad. You Wouldn't Like Me me gusta demasiado por su letra, también Call it Off. Te puedes identificar con ellas y eso las hace geniales.
En otras como Alligator, me gusta mucho el ritmo. Sobre todo la del mix con Passion Pit.
La combinación perfecta es Feel it in my Bones, pues tiene tanto letra como ritmo geniales, lo cual hace que te metas más en la canción.